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Shantiheart Healing

A safe place to explore your own sacred, noble heart.

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"I believe that I am here to speak what I most wanted to hear in my life thus far, and that is that I am loveable, acceptable, and I can be as spiritually deep as I want to be.

I know that how we show up matters. The kindness, support, and the way in which we navigate life matters. God does provide all our needs,  we are never out of Spirit's sight and that we as women are a fierce force--when we stand together and allow the Divine to work through us, the result is pure LOVE."

~ Stacey Lynn


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Shantiheart Symbolism

Shantiheart has a new fresh look! There is so much special meaning deeply rooted into our new look and logo, one that embraces authenticity and feels like home.


Sunflower Power!  

* Fiery, warm, and beautiful, the Sunflower is often associated with summer as it is said to mirror the radiant energy of the sun.  

* A Center full of nutrition--seeds for all of us to partake from.

* A Stalk, strong and sturdy, tall and towering above gardens, guarding with fierce loyalty, all that is growing.

Have you ever taken the time to really look at a sunflower? There are so many geometric shapes in what appears to be simple flower: triangles, circles, and so much more... a true reflection of our own uniqueness.


How Sunflower Power touched me:

Someone very dear to me who has now passed on, loved sunflowers. She knew to appreciate them long before I did. After her death, I began to notice them because they magically began to grow in my yard without me planting them. They came in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They began to speak to me. Love, Divine, Holy, Peaceful Love got my attention through these flowers. The more I paid attention, the more they spoke, the louder they spoke, and the more I understood our connection to all things. It was as if all my grandmothers from every lifetime were calling out to me, supporting me, cheering me on.

So, it seemed fitting to choose this amazing flower for my logo. In every sunflower, I see a fierce woman who mirrored back to me the parts of myself I wanted to ignore, a woman who let me love her on my own terms, and who was a mother figure to me when I needed one the most.  


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